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Perfect for Your Outdoor Wedding


Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Go-anywhere wedding, officiant. Elope, wed or renew your vows.


 My mission is to perform your beautiful ceremony in your gorgeous location. 

Nearby in nature, or Deep in the wild.

Your wedding is the formal union of your hearts and the joyful celebration of your love. 

We work together to create your custom ceremony. 

A ceremony that embraces your spiritual traditions and includes any personal elements you want.

Your ceremony is performed in a heartfelt and joyful style.

Help is also available for making your planning a breeze. 

Perfect for couples who have an independent, DIY or Bohemian streak.

That's Concierge Service, more info below.

Perfect for any outdoor wedding.

My performance provides a world class touch. 

Creating an intimate moment In more traditional settings and larger gatherings,.

I've officiated more than 100 weddings. Been a public speaker & planned events for more than 40 years.

Let's make your dream happen.


Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Go-anywhere wedding, officiant. Elope, wed or renew your vows.

 Planning can be challenging or stressful, especially from a distance.

 Concierge service is help for do-it-yourself planning. It's designed to reduce uncertainty, decrease stress with making decisions, and make your life easier.  I'll be here to help you with planning and logistics.

I can help you find it! Concierge service includes information and local insights on locations, travel, logistics, photographers, marriage license, and more. You'll have access online to Planning Resources for the wedding and during your trip. I'll also be your on-call planning assistant.


Black Sands Beach, Shelter Cove, CA. Go-anywhere wedding, officiant. Elope, wed or renew your vows.

Celebrate in the location that's perfect for the two of you. In the Old-Growth Redwoods, on an uncrowded, pristine beach or at the river's edge, while floating, on top of a mountain, or ...  Your chosen spot and time, 

Locally, Humboldt & Del Norte Counties offer great access to a vast and diverse selection of gorgeous locations or real adventures.  I can go anywhere and I'll travel to you.

I love what I do. And I'd be honored to help you create your wedding day, perform your ceremony and help to plan your adventure. We'll do this on your schedule. Let's chat so you can see if I'm right for the two of you. 

Give me a call or Send me a note.

peace & love, 


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Your Officiant & Concierge

Paul Marsh – human being, PhD

Go-anywhere wedding officiant in the redwoods of Northern California. elope, wed or renew your vows.

Officiant, Minister, Adventurer and Concierge. My goal is to help make your ceremony and trip easy, fun and memorable. My mission is your beautiful ceremony in your gorgeous location. I'm a joyful and heartfelt speaker with 40+ years of experience. My youthful energy and calm presence set the tone. Your personal ceremony benefits from my enthusiasm, experience and research.

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Anza-Borrego State Park. Go-anywhere wedding, officiant. Elope, wed or renew your vows.

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