Get to Know Your Wedding Officiant

Hello, I'm Paul

I created Weddings In The Wild to provide the service of a go-anywhere wedding officiant. Using my gift of writing and performing a ceremony that connects the two of you to the natural setting of your wedding. Sharing an experience in nature is my passion. Planning events has been part of my life for over 40 years. I include helping you plan as part of my service. It truly is an honor and privilege to be part of your wedding day. 

Thank you for considering my services. 

How this all began. A former Outdoor Adventure Leadership student of mine at Humboldt State University asked if I would officiate his wedding. The wedding photographer, also a former student of mine, told me that what I did was a really unique, meaningful and beautiful ceremony. That no one in our area was doing anything like it. Connecting the couple with the beauty, lessons, majesty and power of nature, creation and the universe. That was 2014.

I'm a charismatic speaker, experienced in outdoor adventures, who lives and has studied spirituality*. Ceremonies are non-denominational and reflect the spiritual preferences of the couple. My many days in the wilderness with clients makes me a perfect companion. If you choose to go to that special place where getting there is a fun challenge, I'll go with you.

It would be an honor to perform your ceremony.

peace and love, paul

What would the two of you like for your One-of-a-kind Celebration?

Your ceremony and celebration are shaped by your needs and wishes. I work to build a personal relationship with each couple. Then share my gift of using words to connect you with the power of the nature that surrounds. A joyful and beautiful performance for your wedding day. 

I'm here to help make your dreams come true. It's all included in my services as your Wedding Officiant. Along with a memorable performance of your custom ceremony, humor, amazing memories & a new partner in life.

How does Paul perform the cermony?

  • Charismatic and inspiring performance of your marriage.
  • Clear and insightful wisdom based on life and adventure experience.
  • Thoughtful, personalized custom ceremonies tie the beauty and wisdom of nature to you and your wedding. This adds a joyous and uniting energy to your ceremony.
  • Expert experience and knowledge in the spiritual experience that results from wilderness adventures**.

Does Paul have experience?

  • More than 35 years experience as a master of ceremonies, celebrant, minister and officiant. 
  • Over 292 days of experience back-country guiding. 
  • Plus, 268 nights of living in the wilderness. Leading groups and on private trips.
  • Outdoor knowledge, skills, and abilities to go on any adventure, and provide instruction if necessary. 
  • Excellent at building relationships with individual people, and at building high-functioning communities in small or large groups.

Why is Weddings In The Wild different?

Because I'm a go-anywhere destination wedding officiant with the experience of a backcountry guide. I'll perform your marriage nearby in nature or deep in the wild. I also provide support:

  1. recommendations for locations
  2. clear ideas of success in helping you meet your goals
  3. experienced outdoor adventurer & leader
  4. creative solutions
  5. positive attitude
  6. excellent taste
  7. empathetic understanding

Elope, Renew Vows, or Have a Full Wedding. Nearby in Nature or Deep in the Wild.

*Your ceremony is enriched by insights from the experience and knowledge of my geeky side,  Paul Marsh, human being, PhD. Ancient wisdom and more recent knowledge about the spiritual values of wilderness add depth, inspiration, joy and beauty to your ceremony.

Learn more here: 

**Examining Backcountry Adventure as a Spiritual Experience, by Marsh & Bobilya